Monday, August 1, 2011

Suggested Videos about Fair Trade & Product Histories


“Black Gold” Documentary

“Birdsong &Coffee: A Wake up Call”

“After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffee Lands” Short Documentary

“Just Coffee” Short Documentary about fair trade coffee

Frontline special on Coffee in Guatemala & coffee crisis

Fair Trade with special focus on handicrafts

Three college students trace the origins of their cups of coffee back to the farm

Fair Trade coffee in Uganda

Santiago’s Story

Fair Trade Videos from Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand

Fair Trade – In General

“Fair Trade – The Story” – short video about fair trade and Fair Trade USA

“Fair Trade: the Power of the Consumer” - very short video about being a conscious consumer

“Shopping with a Conscience” – short video about conscious consumption

Very short video about why to buys fair trade

Short introductory videos from Fair Trade International about Fair Trade

“Fair Trade: Improving Lives” Short film from Fair Trade USA

Short film about Fair Trade & Fair Trade USA

Why choose Fair Trade?

Fair Trade Farmers Share their Stories – hour long video from Fair Trade USA

“Fair Trade: Protecting the Environment” A short film from Fair Trade USA

“Fair Trade: Quality Products” A short film by Fair Trade USA

Very short video on Fair Trade from Nourish Life

Free vs. Fair Trade

Short Films about Fair Trade from the Fair Trade Foundation

Trade Aid

“Equal Exchange travels to Chiapas, Mexico” short video


“The Price of Sugar” Documentary about the sugar industry in the Dominican Republic


“The Dark Side of Chocolate” Documentary

“Chocolate Country” is a documentary about cacao farmers in the Dominican Republic


“Banana Split” Documentary


“Grains of Change: a Peoples’ Voice” Documentary about fair trade rice plantation in N. Thailand


“Ensuring Equitable pay for Growers: Whole Trade Haitian Francis Mangoes”

Our Global Economic System & Modern Day Slavery

“The Story of Stuff”

“Trade Justice: Why world Trade rules need to change”

“Outsourced” Short film about outsourcing & its’ effect on the global economy

Hidden Faces of Globalization”

What is Globalization? – A definition by Noam Chomsky

Modern Day Slavery

How Modern Day Slavery is connected to you as a consumer

How slavery is connected to us through the electronics we use – A story of slavery in the Congo

Food Industry

“Tomorrow’s Global Food System: Opportunities and Challenges”

“The Hidden Battle for the World Food System”

“Stuffed, Starved, & Sprayed”

“Global Food Justice”

“King Corn” Documentary about corn and food industry

“The Future of Food” Documentary about food and the less than honest practices of the food industry.

“Food Inc” Documentary about the food industry and what’s really in our food.

Suggestions for eating healthy, for both you and the environment!

“Michael Pollan: Food Chain” very short video about food chain – from seed to table

“Michael Pollan: Why Eat Local” very short video on importance of buying local

“In Season” Short video about buying food in season

“Farmers Markets” Short video about the importance of local farms

What’s wrong with our food system? (from the eyes of an 11 year old)

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